Main Dissimilarities between Acupuncture and Acupressure

If you are not familiar with traditional Asian medical practices, such as acupuncture and acupressure, you are likely not to know the dissimilarities between these two. It is important you know that these two procedures having nothing to do with surgery and medication centric treatments that you are familiar with. There are some important differences between the two that you should be aware of before you decide for one of them as a treatment option for your health problems.


What makes these two treatments different is the way they are implemented. Acupuncture is intended to relieve any pain in the body or distress, or simply to lift up your moods to make you feel as though you are in a state of ecstasy. While Acupressure is also similar to acupuncture in so far as it is also anticipated to attain similar results, however, acupressure does not use needles. Many people are afraid of the needles, but there is no need to fear when you are having acupuncture done at a qualified Chicago acupuncturist.



Acupressure uses pressure points to ease pain and improve the mood of the patient as an alternative of using needles that are used in acupuncture. A lot of research has been done in these two fields and they both have been confirmed to be equally effective. Nevertheless, a lot more evidence has yet to be discovered as the studies are still fresh. Soreness in the body such as nausea and chronic back pain has been proven to be treated effectively by acupuncture. The good thing is acupressure may also be used to treat similar illnesses and it is the better choice for patients who have a phobia for needles.

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